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About us (our firm)

We are a small family business that have been working in the sweet making trade for many years. We are very proud that we use the traditional recipe for our modelling paste (which is a substitute for the real almond, very expensive marzipan).

We make only original designs because our products are mostly handmade and all of them are hand painted!

Only a small number is moulded, but even these pieces are originals as we design and make our own moulds ourselves. And each of these pieces is finished off by our painting specialist. We produce a wide range of products to fit any occasion and taste.

PaintingModelingWe also co-operate with a large number of local primary schools. We offer "fun edible" art lessons with the opportunity for children to experiment and make their very own master pieces, which they take home afterwards.

The children as well as their teachers are finding these lessons very interesting so we get plenty of opportunities for revisiting.


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